Accurate contact details managed by your customers. Dappre improves the quality of your CRM data and lowers costs.

Dappre is the secure and intelligent networked version of the traditional business card. When Dappre users change their card, connected organisations (and individuals) automatically receive the changes.



  1. Reduced CRM costs
    Always up-to-date contact details, managed by the customer
  2. Trusted Data
    Customers share validated personal data right from a trusted source
  3. No more password hassle
    Customers quickly, easily and securely log in by scanning your unique QR
  4. Privacy by Design
    Organisations get to know customers not by collecting, but by connecting
  5. Ready for strong EU regulation
    In line with EU General Data Protection Regulation



Dappre for business

Dappre uses the Qiy Trust Framework. It connects people to their data at different sources and allows them to share their personal data with trusted people and organisations. Dappre makes it possible for organisations to subscribe to data that is considered relevant by the consumer. Dappre can also contain validated and certified details from HR departments, compliance officers and external providers.