Digital Me

We work together with Digital Me, as to developing and selecting technology that is customer centric and complies with privacy by design.

People need to be in control over their online data in a simple and understandable way. Only then, a human dimension will return to the online world and lay the groundwork for the trust that will fuel economic growth. That’s why Digital Me offers a new privacy-compliant way to access the Internet. This allows digital communication and eCommerce to expand rapidly, based on trust relationships.

What Sets Digital Me Apart

Digital Me makes customer relations more secure, more trustworthy and less expensive by connecting organisations to their target groups through a revolutionary scalable, safe and privacy friendly infrastructure, based on the Qiy Scheme. It allows customers to have control of their personal data.

The Keys To Success

Digital Me creates value for organizations, while putting the customer back in control of his personal data, by:

  • Allowing users the freedom to switch easily between applications, hardware platforms, and social networks, keeping their data and social connections
  • Developing multi-user (‘social’) software that respects the rights and privacy of users.